I gave this talk as part of a lightning immersion into digital fabrication that caGuides organized at TechShop San Francisco.

Just prior to this, our guests — a group of CEO’s and members of the Dutch Parliament — had gotten a quick hands-on immersion into Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and Digital Design.

If you don’t have time to watch the full half-hour talk, you can jump straight to where I dive into:

-my personal journey into the Maker Movement

Collaborative Advantage

the Economics of Digital: and what makes Silicon Valley interesting for a Learning Journey

Risk and Decision making within organizations

Culture and Empowerment

Autonomy, Passion, Flow and the implications for organizational structures

What Culture is and what it Isn’t

Reputation, Regulation and the potential for the internet to enable us to Self-Regulate at Global Scale despite the fact that we will never agree about what is important, who to trust or even what something is.

A special thank you to Ruben Nieuwenhuis from Dutch Base Camp for arranging this experience and to Patrick Van Der Pijl from Business Models Inc. for steering Ruben to come check out Collaborative Advantage and TechShop.