In an increasingly complex and volatile world,

caGuides provides strategic and practical guidance to help organizations:

learn more quickly, 

collaborate more deeply, and 

adapt more  successfully

Additional caGuides offerings:

Cultural Navigation


We guide teams through a process that results in greater clarity of purpose for the organization as a whole.  Culture is not a “one-shot deal,” but fast growing companies can’t afford to wait until after they’ve “made it” to create clear habits rooted in their vision and values.

Build an Adaptive Culture


During our one and two day adaptive culture workshops we help “people teams” explore their organization’s behaviors, beliefs, and values. Then we guide them through building an array of tools, processes, and agreements that their people will build on to create a thriving and resilient organizational culture.



Our team helps design Private Strategy Summits and larger, public events including the largest hackathon on earth for iPhone and iPad, as well as recent events focused on  wearable devices and the Internet of Things. We recently collaborated with partners to organize a summit focused on the “Future of Working.”