At CERN, technology is the result. Collaboration is the driver.

What is the most important factor that enables a team, a company or a society to thrive?  Is it technology? Is it size or strength?

Those can be important, but at caLabs, we believe that the primary difference that makes a difference is the collaborative capacity of the group.  For humans, the thing that has enabled us to adapt to new challenges and flourish across the globe has been our superior ability to build on top of one another’s insights and efforts — to collaborate and coordinate.

When any group improves their ability to collaborate — regardless of whether it is due to changes in biology, technology or organizational structure, they gain a competitive edge — or what we have termed a “Collaborative Advantage.”

At caLabs, our focus is on empowering individuals and improving the collaborative capacity of groups in order to give them a competitive advantage.  For us, this takes form in a variety of projects including:

Consulting and Facilitation

  • Working with Enterprise Corporations to transform their organizational structure and corporate culture.
  • Organizing Silicon Valley Learning Journey’s for Enterprise Executives to help them gain an understanding of not only cutting edge technology, but also the underlying processes that these companies are using to foster innovation.
  • Facilitating strategic conversations to help teams address adaptive challenges.


  • Designing and hosting company offsites for teams that improve their collaborative capacity — with these events, play is an important tool — and the focus of the event — though learning and growth are subtle but natural results of the experience.


  • Designing and organizing summits, conferences and hackathons where participants co-create work product that pushes the boundary of their domain.
  • Pulling together communities to accelerate progress in a particular domain.

Application Development

  • Developing internet protocols and applications to improve the collaborative capacity of individuals and enterprises, and of society as a whole.

Our approach to each of these endeavors is … well … collaborative.  If you are interested in working together in some way, please email us at